Could Dentures Help Me?

Could Dentures Help Me?

You have numerous failing teeth, and you want to improve your appearance and oral function. That's a great goal and at Crescent Lake denturesDental, Dr. Glen Marsack, and his dedicated team help many patients just like you achieve their best smiles with custom-crafted dentures in Waterford. Count on their experience and compassion to give you dentures that help you speak, chew, bite and look as Nature intended.

Tooth loss and its impact

Tooth loss affects millions of Americans. in fact, 36 million people in the United States have no teeth at all, says the American College of Prosthodontists, and many more are missing at least one tooth.

Besides the obvious problems of oral function, facial appearance changes dramatically because of reduced bite height (giving the face a collapsed look) and increased skin wrinkling. Bite changes as gum tissue and jaw bone density deteriorate, and teeth surrounding a smile gap weaken as they move toward the empty sockets.

What you can do

Come to Crescent Lake Dental for a denture consultation. Today's prosthetic teeth are made from tooth- and gum-colored acrylic that looks very real and exhibits excellent durability when cared for properly. Dr. Marsack helps his patients determine which type of denture is best for their needs and preferences.

After a complete examination and X-rays, he takes oral impressions so the dental lab may precisely construct your prosthetic. Whether you opt for conventional dentures or implant-supported dentures in Waterford, Dr. Marsack and his team will ensure you're completely satisfied with the fit, feel, appearance and function of your new teeth.

Types of dentures in Waterford

At Crescent Lake Dental, Dr. Marsack offers several denture options. They include:

  • Partial dentures made from acrylic and mounted on a metal frame. This prosthetic replaces one or more teeth and is anchored by clasps which attach to remaining natural teeth.
  • Full conventional dentures are held in place by the mouth's suction. The dentist places them after extraction sites have healed, ensuring a snug fit.
  • Full immediate dentures are placed right after extraction, allowing a patient to have a complete smile right away. However, these dentures must be relined or replaced after the bone and gums heal.
  • Implant-supported dentures are anchored by multiple dental implants, titanium devices inserted into the jaw bone for optimal security and retention of gum tissue and bone. This choice guarantees no denture slippage and no need for refitting or denture adhesives.

Could dentures help you?

Find out through a friendly consultation at Crescent Lake Dental. Please contact the office for a convenient appointment with Dr. Marsack. Phone (248) 682-9331.

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