Don't Give Up on Your Smile

Don't Give Up on Your Smile

If you have missing teeth, you may feel as though your smile is beyond repair. However, with dentures, you can rejuvenate your look, denturesgiving yourself the ability to easily eat the foods you love and feel confident about your smile. Learn more about dentures and what they can do for your smile with Dr. Glen Marsack at Crescent Lake Dental in Waterford, MI. 

Are dentures right for me? 
Dentures work well for patients who are missing most or all of their natural teeth or require extraction of their natural teeth. Patients considering dentures should understand that a strong at-home oral care routine is required to keep their oral tissues, remaining natural teeth, and dentures themselves healthy and clean. Candidates should also be in good oral health and have adequate bone and tissue volume to support the denture within the mouth.

What kinds of dentures can I choose from? 
Patients who experience the loss of all of the teeth on an arch benefit best from full dentures. If the patient has one or more remaining healthy natural teeth, partial dentures are their best bet. These dentures fit over the healthy teeth, providing them with the stimulation they require to remain healthy and securing the denture in place. Dentists recommend immediate dentures when patients require the extraction of their natural teeth. Immediate dentures act as a kind of band-aid for the fresh extraction sites and patients can wear their new dentures right out of their extraction appointment. Implant-supported dentures use dental implants surgically placed into the arch of the mouth to hold the denture in place. This process, while longer and more complex than a simple traditional denture, is permanent and keeps the denture inside of the mouth at all times rather than requiring the patient to remove and soak it.

Dentures in Waterford, MI 
If you think you can benefit from dentures, you should consult with your dentist to fully understand the process and what it requires from you. For more information on dentures or how they can transform your smile, please contact Dr. Glen Marsack at Crescent Lake Dental in Waterford, MI. Call (248) 682-9331 to schedule your consultation for dentures today!

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